Important Notice - Your tracking device will be deactivated after 3 month’s of inactive use. Please allow your tracking device to report at least once every 3 months to keep it active.
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The name is BOND – Bluetrack BOND

The name is BOND – Bluetrack BOND

Motor bike theft

It is known as “BOND” not the 007 variety but a GPS Tracking device that has a myriad of uses, it has a very strong magnet so can stick to any magnetic surface and will track the item 24/7 almost anywhere on the planet, certainly in 147 countries that we know of. You can view its progress on a Tracking Panel on a PC, Tablet, Laptop or any Mobile Phone that has Internet access, the Panel has many Commands that you can send to the BOND so it can be tailored to your exact need. The BOND has a superb battery life that can also be lengthened dramatically utilising our “Battery Save” mode from the Panel. Like all our other GPS Tracking devices the BOND uses Position and Command Credits that can be topped up similar to a PAYG mobile by either visiting or calling us on 01733 306171, these credits can last for weeks, or months depending upon what you want the BOND to do.

As the BOND is small, compact and fully waterproof some of the uses it has been applied are to Track vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, machinery, caravans, airplanes, boats, trailers, farming machinery and implements and many others, and as we can supply the BOND without a magnet, if requested, it becomes even smaller and has different uses such as the tracking of shipments, animals, people, valuables, paintings and many others.

The BOND is one of a variety of GPS Tracking devices available from Bluetrack (UK) Ltd and you get access their own Tracking Panel so if you need a small, excellent value for money, GPS Tracking device that has versatility remember the the name is “Bond – Bluetrack BOND”