Important Notice - Your tracking device will be deactivated after 3 month’s of inactive use. Please allow your tracking device to report at least once every 3 months to keep it active.
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Industrial tracker vignette


£395.00 ex vat (£474.00 inc vat)

Built to a very high standard and extremely strong and 100% waterproof. This industrial tracker boasts wireless charging technology and was designed to with stand hard knocks out in the environment.

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Product Description

Built for industrial and extremely tough tasks with huge battery life

Please Note: These Trackers work on “Position” and “Command” Credits they are supplied with a small number of free “Credits” and customers can purchase a “Credit Package” from our “Top Up” facility on this website.

This tracker boasts a huge battery life even in Live tracking mode. This was designed for those wishing to protect machinery or assets that needed to report their positions on a more frequent basis and not worry about battery life.

Informing your assets to report their position every x minute, or hour, from around the globe is a simple task for the Industrial Tracker.

The device can be bolted to assets or simply mag mounted. We have also made it simple to charge, using wireless charging technology. This ensures that the device is robust and extremely strong and more important 100% waterproof.

Size : 235 x 90 x 30 (mm)

Tracker battery life :
Normal Live Mode With Modem on at all times : 6-8 Months

With “battery save mode” :
6    positions per day : 14+ months


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