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Slim Jim

Slim tracker  vignette

Slim Jim

£225.00 ex vat (£270.00 inc vat)

The Slim Tracker was designed to be thin and simple to use. It can be hidden in those items that require a tracker to be thin for example in a jacket or a bag.

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Product Description

The Slim Jim Tracker

Please Note: These Trackers work on “Position” and “Command” Credits they are supplied with a small number of free “Credits” and customers can purchase a “Credit Package” from our “Top Up” facility on this website.

Completely water proof and almost flat, this was designed to be placed in to assets that require a device to be very thin. Charging the tracker could not be any easier then placing it onto the charging mat. The tracker will simply start to charge its self.

There are no on/off buttons or charging ports. The tracker cannot be switched off, if the battery does go completely flat, placing it on the charging mat will automatically reboot the device and turn it on.

Using Battery save mode from our panel with this tracker will give you amazing battery life. The tracker can also send live positions every 5 seconds if required.

Sizes : 115 x 35 x 0.9 (mm)

Tracker battery life :
Normal mode : 3-5 days

With “battery save mode” :
1 position per day :   3 months
2 positions per day : 2 months
3 positions per day : 1 Month
4 positions per day : 3 weeks
8 positions per day: 10 days

Technical Specifications


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