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81,000 Victims

81,000 Victims
20th August 2013 BlueTrack
81,000 vehicle thefts

81,000 Victims

81000 vehicle thefts

New GPS Trackers Offers Peace of Mind to the UK’s 81,000 Yearly Victims of Vehicle Theft

Over 80,000 people will suffer a vehicle related theft this year. Only two of the five vehicles will ever be recovered. Only 49% of luxury vehicles will be recovered.  For those reaching for their keys and double checking their garages, the prospect of becoming another car crime statistic can be reduced GPS experts Bluetrack unveil their cutting-edge, pocket-friendly range of highly effective vehicle trackers.

Figures from the Home Office showed that 81,973 vehicle thefts were recorded in 2012. Research by insurer SwiftCover shows that two in five of the vehicles stolen were never recovered. Just 49% of luxury vehicles were found and returned to their rightful owner.  With a window of just ten seconds needed to steal a vehicle, prevention sometimes can’t be the cure. While alarms, keyless fobs and immobilisers are a powerful deterrent they can’t help locate a missing vehicle when it is removed from its owner. The groundbreaking new range of affordable, high performance GPS vehicle trackers from Bluetrack are designed to fill this gap and provide complete peace of mind.

Unlike some systems, Bluetrack vehicle trackers do not need to be installed by a technician. It can be discreetly and securely attached in a convenient place on any make and model of vehicle and its position tracked remotely, dramatically increasing the chances of a vehicle being recovered by the authorities if it is stolen.

Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack says, “Cars and vehicles are the lifeblood of many homes and businesses. It makes sense, then, that they should invest in appropriate security equipment to ensure that their vehicle could be located and returned to them if it should be stolen. Our GPS tracking devices are integral in this process, and can be used to track any kind of vehicle no matter where they are located.”

Modern car thieves are generally well versed and are too careful to drive the vehicle on the roads after the theft has taken place. They are more likely to strip them and send parts abroad in order to reduce their chances of being caught. This also means that conventional security methods, such as alarms and anti-theft devices will often be easily skirted. GPS trackers are one of the only consistent and reliable devices that will continue to function after the car has been taken; often they are too well hidden to be disabled, meaning that the vehicle can be tracked long after its theft.

A solution such as Bluetrack’s Sniper GPS tracker is designed specifically to offer motorists live tracking in real time across the globe. The authorities can use this data to see where a car is and in what direction and speed it was travelling, to better coordinate a way to return it. The data transmitted by the GPS device can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone, making it easy to keep track of location remotely. The devices can also send a text message to any number of mobile phones if the vehicle leaves, or enters, a specific area that users can set up, this is called a “Geo Fence”.

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About Bluetrack: With clients in industries ranging from transport to industry and the NHS to the police force, Bluetrack are highly experienced in providing GPS tracking devices for a variety of purposes. Whether tracking a vehicle, a pet, person or another valuable possession, the GPS trackers offer peace of mind for all users.  

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