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About Us

Who are we?

Bluetrack is the trading name of Bluetrack (UK) Ltd. We have offices and a showroom in London.

The Directors come from an Investigation and Service background. Having been involved in the Investigation industry for decades we saw the need for a Tracking Company that understands the realistic needs of clients, and set up Bluetrack.

With clients ranging from Industry, Commerce, Local Authorities, Police, Transport, NHS, the General Public and many more the needs are so diverse it is difficult to offer the correct solution unless the problem is fully understood. Having faced these problems, and offered the solutions, we are well placed to help all our clients.

What do we offer?

Peace of Mind

Imagine knowing that your most valuable assets could never really go missing. We all have things in our lives that we want to keep a close eye on – just imagine that peace of mind. Taking out insurance against loss or theft is one thing, but being able to track the exact location of your most valued possessions is quite another.

At Bluetrack we supply GPS trackers of all sizes for tracking anything from people to vehicles, antiques, artwork to heavy plant machinery. Benefit from pinpoint accuracy on the location of valuable shipments or the whereabouts of a young driver in your family, for example. Our GPS trackers even record travelling speeds.

Track Location

Got a wayward pet? Attach a tracker to its collar and next time it escapes, activate the tracking system. With access to your own user-friendly control panel you’ll locate its position within moments. Our GPS trackers are also popular for monitoring wayward spouses and employees. Just fit a discrete tracker to their vehicle and receive reports – by SMS if requested – on where they’ve been, and when. Our control panel will provide a clear map of all journeys taken, exact information on start and stop locations, as well as details on time spent in position, for when vehicles are stationary for periods of time.

With Bluetrack the possibilities are endless. Use our Geofence facility to map a boundary that you need your tracker and tracked items to stay within. If and when this boundary is broken, an online alarm is raised and you will be contacted immediately. Likewise, some of our trackers have panic buttons which can alert any mobile phone you have allocated to your account on the exact location of your tracker – useful for protecting young or vulnerable members of your family or workforce.

In Control

Once you purchase your Bluetrack GPS tracker you will receive login details from us. If you are using a PC or device internet enabled device you will need to go to the Bluetrack control panel at “” from which you can manage several trackers simultaneously, if required. If you want to download an app to your mobile device you will need to find Trackserver in your app store.


The Bluetrack tracking solution operates in much the same way as a mobile phone – just decide whether you want to purchase an unlimited package of one, three, six or 12 months or a pay-as-you-go option, so you are always in control.

If you care about somebody, or something, protect it now, give us a call, our contact details are: Tel: 0208 088 0341 or email us at