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Catching errant spouses

Catching errant spouses
20th August 2013 BlueTrack
Catching errant spouses

Catching errant spouses

Catching errant spouses

New Trend To Catch Errant Spouses Red-Handed As GPS Trackers Retailer Confirms Increased Demand

The days of snooping through pockets, secretly reading text messages and emails or Facebook stalking a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend suspected of being unfaithful are over. One company has turned its hand to tracking stray spouses using cutting edge technology that can be easily implemented at home. GPS live trackers from Bluetrack give those afraid their partners are playing away a cost effective and discrete alternative to honey traps and private investigators. The London and Peterborough based experts have reported an increase in demand this summer, with more and more customers buying a tracker to track their partner rather than keep an eye on possessions such as their car or pet.

Bluetrack’s GPS trackers are designed for live tracking in real-time almost anywhere in the world. The innovative technology behind the GPS units can be operated from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Unlike many tracking devices that require a fiddly and time-consuming setup, the Bluetrack range is supplied ready to go with no awkward installation or technical know-how needed. It is this ease of use which has made the retailer a leader in the tracking sector, but up until now, it has helped clients afraid of losing their pet or having their car stolen.

The firm’s GPS tracking devices are now being snapped up by thousands of people searching for peace of mind when the spectre of cheating raises its ugly head. The firm has released an expanded range of tracking units in answer to demand from customers, who are turning to tracking units to keep tabs on errant spouses both before and after the I Dos have been exchanged.

Far from being creepy, the modern units are increasingly seen as a relationship investment by busy professionals and worried partners, who pour time and love into a match that they hope is made in heaven but worry may be turning sour.

Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack said, “We didn’t set out to create GPS trackers that could prove or disprove suspicions that a loved one has been cheating but we are increasingly being contacted by men and women who want to know for sure if their doubts are founded.

“It makes sense that those who are used to documenting their every move on social networks would turn to technology when fearing for the future of their relationship. Our demographic is wide, with younger people worried about a partner cheating as well as busy professionals who come to us for a GPS device because they don’t have the time or energy to spend on a relationship that is based on a lie.”

Bluetrack’s range of GPS trackers includes Prime I, Prime II, The Bond, Sniper and Pelican models. Bluetrack will also design and build bespoke models to fit any application. Prime I is the world’s smallest GPS Tracker and with advanced signalling can locate an item’s GPS location within seconds. With a new 3G modem and a larger internal antenna, the Prime II can store up to 10,000 locations, which would prove particularly valuable when GPRS is not available. For those who require more of an all-weather solution, the aptly titled Bond, is a highly covert device which is 100% waterproof and can be charged with a simple charging mat.

The Sniper is a remarkable device with enhanced wireless and is Bluetrack’s best seller, has been recently modified to operate with a high-spec Lithium-ion battery for an extended battery life in excess of six months.

Mr Walker added, “Our trackers all offer multi-use functionality and are available at an affordable price. Simple, easy to use and built with state-of-the-art technology, the trackers need no programming and are provided with a control panel for monitoring purposes.”

To find out more about Bluetrack and its GPS tracking devices please call 01733 306171

About Bluetrack: With clients in industries ranging from transport to industry and the NHS to the police force, Bluetrack are highly experienced in providing GPS tracking devices for a variety of purposes. Whether tracking a vehicle, a pet, person or another valuable possession, the GPS trackers offer peace of mind for all users.  

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