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Classic Car Theft on the rise

Classic Car Theft on the rise
13th May 2016 BlueTrack
Classic Car Theft

Classic Car Theft on the rise

Classic Car Theft

Vehicles built in the 1980s are becoming an increasingly popular choice for car thieves

Owners worried about the safety of their much loved retro vehicle can have peace of mind by using a highly accurate tracking system. A small and discreet vehicle tracker from GPS experts Bluetrack gives owners peace of mind that even if disaster strikes their vehicle can never truly go missing.

A recent government report found that vehicles made in the 1980s are proportionally more likely to be stolen than modern cars, even though newer models make up a higher proportion of stolen vehicles. Ironically so, many of these older models are favoured by criminals as big profit is to be made by selling the parts on as spares to other classic car collectors.

Demand for these rare models of cars is so high, owners are warned that many traditional measures implemented to try and deter thieves will have little to no effect. However, many drivers and car collectors have not considered adding a GPS tracking solution to their security measures, to help take action if their vehicle is targeted by criminals.

Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack said.

“For owners of these antique and classic vehicles, being a victim of theft is a huge blow both financially and emotionally. No amount of insurance can replace the years of work and journeys made in a unique and rare to find retro vehicle.

All of our GPS tracking devices are easy to install and are small and discreet, making them almost invisible to any criminal. Even if the worst does happen, the location of the car can be tracked remotely, dramatically increasing the likely hood of it being found by the authorities and it returning back to its rightful owner.”

Even if a stolen vehicle is stripped or it is shipped abroad, a GPS solution such as Bluetrack’s Prime 1300 tracking system is discreet enough to go unnoticed by thieves so it won’t be removed and it is unable to be switched off, with full functionality remaining across a wide range of countries.

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About Bluetrack: With clients in industries ranging from transport to industry and the NHS to the police force, Bluetrack are highly experienced in providing GPS tracking devices for a variety of purposes. Whether tracking a vehicle, a pet, person or another valuable possession, the GPS trackers offer peace of mind for all users.
Bluetrack have many instances where stolen property, vehicles, machinery etc have been recovered and returned to the rightful owner. Why leave things to chance, take action now before it’s too late.