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Questions & Answers

Here you will find the most common FAQ’s.

Q.         When I receive my Tracker will it be ready to go?
A.         All Tracking devices need to to be charged up before they will work. We try to have a number of GPS Trackers on charge so that when an order is received we can send the Trackers out ready to go as soon as it is received as long as position and command credits have been ordered at the same time. If PAYG Credits are purchased please be advised that they will expire in 12 months if not used. In fact, more often than not, you will be able to “Track” your item from us on its way to you via a Tracking Panel.

Q.         What is a Tracking Panel and where do I get it from?
A.         A Tracking Panel is what you will need to be able to view the progress, or history, of the Tracker that you have. If you are using a “Windows” platform you can download our Bluetrack Tracking Panel from the internet at or you can download our APP from the APPLE Store or ANDROID Market. Mac users will have to use “Safari” as their browser. If you are using a tablet, smart phone etc that does not have a “Windows” platform you can use

Q.         If I want to activate my Tracker myself, do I have to call you?
A.         No, the Bluetrack system allows you to have complete freedom. If your Tracking device has been activated already and you will be able to log into your account and control the activity of the device from the “Command” button on the Panel. Some of our devices can be switched on and off manually.

Q.         If my position or SMS credits get low or run out, do I have to call you?
A.         You can “Top Up” both credits by choosing one of the “Top Up” solutions online, but please bear in mind that this does not happen automatically. When the “Top Up” order is received one of our support staff complete the order during our hours of operation. You can “Top Up”  your device from anywhere you have internet access but if you are in a foreign country differing time zones have to be taken into account. As an alternative you can call us on 0208 088 0341 during our opening hours. Please note that PAYG Credits expire after 12 months if they are not used and if the device is not being used it must be activated and allowed to report, at least once, every 3 months otherwise the system will register its none use and the SIM Card may automatically be cancelled.

Q.         Can I track my device on more that one computer or device?
A.         Yes, you can use any display medium with an internet connection. For instance you could be tracking from your office, or home PC and decide to move the tracking to your mobile phone, you can have both mediums tracking at the same time.

Q.         If I have more than one tracking device can I view them all at the same time?
A.         As long as they are in one account you can view as many as you wish, all at the same time or one at a time. But remember, if they are spread over a large distance you will have to minimise the map. There are clients who have 50+ tracking devices and from time to time they need to see them all, so they just adjust the mapping size accordingly.

Q.         What happens if the tracking device becomes faulty?
A.         Every Bluetrack device comes with a 12 month Warranty from the date of purchase subject to the Warranty requirements being carried out. If a problem arises please contact our Admin & Support Office on 0208 088 0341 for advice. If the tracking device cannot be fixed within the Warranty period we will send you a replacement subject to our Warranty requirements being met. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Q.         Do any of your Tracking devices offer any safety features?
A.         Yes, some of our devices incorporate a  SOS button which is like a “Panic Alarm”. All you do is press the button for around 4 seconds, this will alert up to 4 mobile phone numbers you have allocated to the position of the tracker. It will also send an alert to the tracking panel if someone is monitoring and therefore assistance can be summoned immediately. This “SOS” function can be switched on/off via the control panel. This function is only effective if someone has been notified, or allocated, to the fact that they might receive a request for assistance and have the means to react.

Q.         How long do batteries last in a tracker?
A.         It must be borne in mind that “Tracking Devices” are used for hundreds of different uses and applications. For instance, a device on a piece of Plant machinery might only have to report its position when it needs to be found for a service or because it has been stolen. This could be as little as once a month, or 3 months, therefore the battery life could be many months, on the other hand a valuable item being transported may have the need to report every 5 minutes or less, therefore the battery life will be reduced. It’s a bit like using a mobile phone, the more you use it the quicker the battery will deplete. Irrespective of what reporting timeframe is set each device will carry out a 4 hourly “Health Check” upon itself if it is in sleeping or standby mode, this health check is to inform you that the device is still active and doing its intended function.

Q.         Will I be notified when the battery requires charging?
A.         All Bluetrack devices contain rechargeable batteries and you can set and see the % of charge they have remaining on the control panel. In any event an alert of “low battery”can be sent to a mobile if such a number is allocated

Q.         Are your devices waterproof?
A.         All our Tracking devices are water resistant to Standard IPX6 which is an Ingress Protection Rating.

Q.         If my Tracker is a sealed unit how do I charge the battery?
A.         Our Prime and Pelican devices are charged up via a wired charging lead. The remainder are charged up using a Charging Pad (Powermat), you simply place the tracking device on the charging pad and the batteries are charged through an induction method (Wireless Charging). The charging pad can charge 3 trackers at the same time. For those who prefer to use a charging pad to charge up a wired device we can supply a small device which allows powermat charging which dispenses the need for a charging lead.

Q.         Will my device work indoors?
A.         This all depends what the building construction is, you have to remember that trackers work via GPS and the device has to be able to communicate with a GPS Satellite. If the device is in an underground car park it probably will not function correctly. If it is in an above ground property, it may pick up a signal in much the same way as a mobile phone does. There are “deadspots” up and down the UK but these are few. The operation of the tracker can be effected by climatic conditions like the terrain, weather and humidity. See our “Disclaimer” on the “T&C’s” page.

Q.         Will my tracking device work anywhere in the world?
A.         The tracking device will work anywhere there is GPS and a Mobile Phone infrastructure and the GPS system is not limited or controlled. We have devices working in 147 countries across the globe.

Q.          What is GPS Tracking?
A.           GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking Devices use signals from satellites to calculate their exact location. These locations are incredibly accurate within a few metres.Some companies sell trackers built upon the GSM or mobile phone network. These should be avoided at all cost. They are very inefficient and provide a very inaccurate approximation of the trackers location (sometimes close to a mile radius area or more). When shopping for a tracker make sure it is a GPS system.

In the case of the more sophisticated “live” GPS tracking; the trackers record their locations within their memory and report (at various user defined periods) to a mapping server via GPRS (part of the GSM mobile phone network). With these systems the user logs into a mapping website to see the live “moving” location of the tracking device or a vehicle if that is where it has been deployed.

The GPS tracking system may also access all of the previous journeys that the tracker has made, displayed on Google maps with photographic images of the ground and buildings and a neat track-line of the trackers journey. The user can zoom in to the location to see full details of the buildings and roads. The mapping is designed to show very clear start and stop locations, including a clear “time in position” and speed at time of location report marker at each stop.

The live GPS tracking trackers all have a “Geofence” facility which can identify and engage an online “alarm” when the tracker enters or leaves a geographical area drawn by the user onto their tracking maps. This is a very useful facility for trackers used in relationship enquiries or in tracking assets and recovery of assets after theft. Many trackers also have a “panic button” which when pressed will engage an online alarm to draw attention if a vulnerable or young person needs assistance.

All of our trackers are super-sensitive and designed to be deployed on any asset. This is a very simple process. Some trackers have strong magnets as part of their casings. The magnets are strong enough to ensure that the tracker will not fall off when attached to flat metal surfaces. Placing these trackers covertly takes literally seconds to do.

What do trackers need to work effectively? They need GPS signals. These pass through most materials, but not efficiently metal, so placing in a metal box, such as a car boot, is not ideal. They need mobile phone signal (GSM/GPRS) to be able to report their locations to the website server.

Just in the same way that a PAYG mobile phone needs to be kept in credit, all of our GPS tracking systems need to be kept in GPRS credit for the tracker to be able to “talk” to its mapping site. With our Easy-Map mapping system users can top-up their location credits directly from the mapping panel. You will also need a small amount of “Command” credits so that you can send instructions to your device. If you do not keep credits on your device, or you have allowed them to lapse for over 3 months, or you have not carried out the suggested 3 monthly updating of the device the Sim card that is in the device may be cancelled as our system may assume it is no longer in use.

Some clients prefer an unlimited supply of Position Credits which you will find available from the control panel. Whichever method suits the customer we can provide.

All our trackers have rechargeable batteries. The more sophisticated trackers have systems for getting the most out of the battery, it allows the user to lengthen the time between reporting therefore extending battery life. The other method of extending battery life is to use battery save mode which sends the device to sleep until needed.

We have tried to answer the most FAQ’s but if you have a question that is not answered above please give us a call on 0208 088 0341.