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Never lose your luggage again

Never lose your luggage again
28th September 2013 BlueTrack

Never lose your luggage again


New GPS Tracker Technology Promises to Make Lost Luggage a Thing of the Past

A brand new GPS tracker is promising to revolutionise travel by making lost luggage a thing of the past. The Prime 1300 from GPS experts Bluetrack is the smartest and smallest real time tracking device in the world. It is designed to be discreetly and easily placed in any size and shape of luggage, offering complete peace of mind on the move. The tracker delivers pinpoint accuracy from departure to arrival, whether that accompanies the owner as planned or includes an unexpected detour, ensuring those with lots of luggage can be reunited with their belongings as efficiently as possible.

Although the airline industry claims an almost 45% decrease in the number of mishandled bags since 2010, almost three billion people fly each year, which makes for a huge amount of lost bags, suitcases and belongings every day. In 2012 alone nearly 23 million pieces of luggage were mishandled, a figure that equates to almost 2,600 lost units per hour, with 4.6% never recovered.

Bluetrack’s GPS trackers can track in, almost, real-time almost anywhere in the world and can be operated from a range of devices including smartphones and tablets. Unlike many tracking devices which can be difficult to use and require a lot of technical know-how, the Bluetrack range is user friendly and is supplied ready to go, with no fiddly installation or lengthy set up.

Once armed, it reports the item’s location accurately at the touch of a button. Travellers arriving without their checked bags can activate the tracker and see where their suitcases have ended up while still in the terminal building. This makes it easy for the airline and baggage handlers responsible to put plans in motion to recover misplaced items and return them to their rightful owners with the minimum of delays. This track and trace functionality means that no bag should ever be lost however short or long haul the journey.

Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack says, “When we fly we expect our luggage to arrive at our destination at the same time as we do, and most of the time it does. Losing luggage while travelling can be disastrous as it can ruin a holiday and cause endless problems for business travellers, especially if there are important documents, formal wear or equipment such as cameras or memory chips stored in the bag. Those planning a skiing or golfing holiday who arrive to find their skis and clubs missing also suffer, with hours or days lost until suitable replacements can be found. Our GPS trackers are designed be placed inside the luggage so that in the event that it does become lost, it can be easily located and therefore recovered, no matter where they end up.”

Bluetrack supply a wide range of GPS tracking devices that are suited for a variety of purposes. These include the Prime 1300, the Prime 2000, The Sniper and The Bond, each with their own unique set of specialised features. Perfect for luggage tracking, the Prime 1300 comes with a long lasting 1300mAh battery. It’s intuitively designed web format allows users to bring up the missing bag’s location on screen within seconds. Operable in seconds, if a piece of luggage goes missing during transit, its owner can inform the airline exactly where it is at that very moment in time.

To find out more about Bluetrack and its GPS tracking devices visit or call 01733 306171

About Bluetrack: With clients in industries ranging from transport to industry and the NHS to the police force, Bluetrack are highly experienced in providing GPS tracking devices for a variety of purposes. Whether tracking a vehicle, a pet, person or another valuable possession, the GPS trackers offer peace of mind for all users.  

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