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Prime 1300

Prime 1300


This advanced GPS Tracker is the world’s smallest real-time tracker with a 1300mAh battery and now with enhanced signalling it pulls up your target’s GPS location in seconds.

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Prime 1300

Small and powerful, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Please Note: These Trackers work on “Position” and “Command” Credits. They are supplied with a small number of free “Credits” and customers can purchase a “Credit Package” from our “Top Up” facility on this website.

This advanced GPS is the worlds smallest real-time tracker, with a 1300mAh battery, and now with enhanced signalling it pulls up your target’s GPS location in seconds. The Prime 1300 has a larger internal GPS antenna and a new 3G modem and the ability to store 10,000 positions, this is great when GPRS is not available. Designed to make GPS Tracking viewing easy, our tracking solution gives you 24/7 access to your tracker’s information all laid out on a simple control panel.

Our web control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none. The panel allows you to access a number of features including changing the reporting frequency of the device and setting a 360 degree virtual perimeter around the device which is known as a “Geofence”. When your tracker breaks this perimeter either entering, exiting or both, it will send you a SMS text to your mobile phone notifying you.

Being informed when something moves within a few seconds from around the world is another great feature. This is activated via the “ARM” command on the panel or simply press the “ARM” command on your mobile phone application. When the Prime 1300 does not move it turns off its GPS receiver and shows it is sleeping on the command panel. This is the time when you may want to “ARM” the device, so if the device then moves it will send data to our servers and then SMS text to the users in your contact list on the control panel. The Prime 1300 does not require GPS to inform you its being moved.

The Prime 1300 also sends a health check every four hours, this is standard on all our solutions. There is a good reason for this, when a device does not communicate with its server for a considerable amount of time and the device has not sent a fresh GPS position for many hours, it can consume more power when trying to get that first GPS position. The Prime 1300 does not have this problem due to it reporting every four hours, even when “ARMED” it will not set off the alert function until it is moved.

The Prime 1300 is simply remarkable in its performance. Do not think that because the Prime 1300 is priced at £125.00 that this must be on the lower end of the GPS product market. You would be completely wrong. The Prime 1300 puts many of its competitors to shame.

Tracker battery life :
Normal mode : 10 days