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Young drivers safety first

Young drivers safety first
8th December 2013 BlueTrack
Young drivers drive safely

Young drivers safety first

Young drivers drive safely

Record GPS Tracking Sales As Parents Monitor Recently Qualified New Drivers

Britain’s parents are taking increasingly drastic measures to ensure their children stay safe on the road according to GPS tracking company, Bluetrack. It has reported record sales for its BOND GPS tracker with anxious parents snapping up the device in order to monitor recently qualified young drivers both overtly and covertly. Like its namesake, BOND is designed to work discreetly and effectively. The innovative tracker makes use of wireless charging technology, is 100% waterproof and can be easily hidden from view.

The Bond tracker is packed with performance and capable of storing around ten thousand positions within its internal memory. Even when there is no GSM coverage, the memory stores the position for later use ensuring there is no break in the tracking line when the data is viewed.

Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack says, “There has been a lot of press coverage recently about suggested changes to the age at which teenagers can obtain a full driving license and measures such as restricted driving hours put forward by a national think tank. In the middle of this, it seems that many parents are already being proactive. We have noticed a growing practise of parents purchasing the BOND tracker in order to monitor their children both openly and secretly when they’re on the road.

“It seems that some parents are using GPS trackers openly so the driver knows it is on board thus making them aware in the hope that they can avoid the two strikes and you are out rule. Those that are using them covertly are obviously giving a bit more freedom to the young drivers in the household but must be using the information somehow, we think perhaps with more drastic action such as hiding the keys for a while.”

While the drivers under observation may not be pleased with the knowledge that their parents are keeping track of them on the road, youngsters aged between 17 and 24 accounted for a fifth of deaths on British roads in 2011 and are statistically at a much higher risk of being involved in a serious or fatal accident. The Department for Transport calculates that young drivers drive around 5% of all the miles driven in Britain but are involved in about 20% of the crashes where someone is killed or seriously injured.

In light of these figures, there is increasing pressure on the government to introduce new regulations for teenagers getting behind the wheel.  Research produced by the Transport Research Laboratory in October suggested that the eligibility for a full licence be increased to 19, a probationary period be employed after successfully passing the test, a minimum of one year’s lessons for young drivers be required before a test can even be booked and curfews enforced for night driving.  Any changes are expected to take at least two years to be introduced to the nation’s roads, leaving many parents to take drastic action now for peace of mind.

Covert and portable, the BOND tracker can be applied to the underside of the young driver’s vehicle and benefits from wireless charging via charging matt. It has a 15 day tracker battery life and an optional battery save mode which offers a choice of reporting once per hour or once every four hours. It can be used as a live tracker to transmit its location every few seconds and has an ARM / Sleep mode which sends an SMS when the tracker changes location after a period of being stationary.

Keith Walker added, “We are continually surprised as to the uses customers are employing our devices for with some models such as the BOND going through the door as quickly as we can make them.”

The BOND GPS Tracker is priced at £215.  To find out more and buy online visit

About Bluetrack: With clients in industries ranging from transport to industry and the NHS to the police force, Bluetrack are highly experienced in providing GPS tracking devices for a variety of purposes. Whether tracking a vehicle, a pet, person or another valuable possession, the GPS trackers offer peace of mind for all users.  

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